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National Numeracy Day 15/05/19


National Numeracy Day is all about recognising that numbers play a big part in all our lives and helping people sharpen their skills and build their confidence.


Staffnet numeracy  (NHSGGC staff only)  

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Good work, good health - help for you. Please order in multiples of 25

This credit card sized folded card is designed for health care professionals to give to patients who have worries about work or money. If they are off sick or struggling to remain in work due to ill health, this card can be given to signpost to organisations who can provide advice and support.

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Best start ..could you get £600 for your first child and £300 for all other children? A3 poster female image

Pregnancy and Baby Payment
The Pregnancy and Baby Payment is part of Best Start Grant, a package of three payments that will give extra money to low income families during the early years of a child’s life

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Are you worried about money ? Money Advice A3 poster Glasgow (coated for use in clinical areas).

Money Worries? A4 Poster advertising The Long Term Conidions & Macmillan Money Advice service


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National numeracy day - number skills for NHSGGC staff


Would you like to improve your number skills?

Book a training session with the NHS Core Skills tutor to brush up on the number skills you use every day. The service is free and confidential. You choose what we work on!

To get started call Debbie Thompson on 0141 301 9761, Mon-Thur 9am-5pm


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