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Flu - child flu vaccine, what you need to know. Primary school leaflet

Childhood flu immunisation primary school leaflets 2019 (Scotland)

More about L 153


Flu - Is your child aged 2-5 years? (on 1st September 2019 and not yet in school)

Childhood flu immunisation in Scotland leaflets 2019 (children aged 2-5 years and not yet in primary school) 2019

More about L 154


Protect yourself from the pain of shingles. For people aged 70 -79 on 1st September 2019

This leaflet explains to the reader that there is a vaccine that can reduce your risk of getting shingles and it can also reduce the symptoms if you do get shingles,

More about L 120


Flu - Pregnant? (available for midwife or family nurse to order)

Flu immunisation campaign leaflet for pregnant women 2019.

More about L 150


Flu - primary school facts on flu A3 poster

Childhood immunisation flu poster aimed at primary aged children. 2019

More about P 121


Flu - Is your child aged 2-5 years? (on 1st September 2019 and not yet in school) A3 poster

This poster outlines that NHSScotland is vaccinating children aged 2–5 years old against flu.2019

More about P 108

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